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How to find serial number
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Decode your radio code in three steps


Find the serial

Follow the steps specified for your model to find the serial number that identifies your radio.

Generate code

Enter the serial number in the unlock form to calculate your factory keycode needed to activate the radio.

Unblock radio

Enter the generated keycode and submit it to unblock your radio. Use it as many times as you want.

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What is the serial number

The serial number is a unique identifier that is needed to decode the radio code. If you have a Focus, Fiesta or Transit car from the years 2005, 2006, 2007 or newer, the serial number is obtained from the display. If you have a 6000 CD or Sony radio, is simple as turning on the radio and holding pressed buttons 1 and 6. If you have the model 4500 RDS E-O-N or 2500, you have to press buttons 2 and 6, and the serial number appears on the screen. To see the exact instuctions, see How to find my serial number.

For the rest of the models, as 4000 RDS, 5000 RDS, 3000 TRAFFIC, 1500 RDS and others, you need to remove the unit so you can see the serial on the case side label.

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Compatible Ford vehicles

  • ford focus car


    In Focus cars, we usually find units made by Visteon with the M and V series, such as 6000 CD, 6000 CDC, 4000 RDS, Sony CD132, Sony CD3XX, 3000 TRAFFIC, 7000 RDS and others. Basically, this Ford codes generator works for any original stereo units. All you need to do is to remove the audio unit and find the serial engraved on the case.
  • ford fiesta car


    Fiesta cars, manufactured between 1996 and 2011 have one of the following stereo models installed by default: 4500 RDS E-O-N, 5000 RDS, 4000 RDS, 2500, 3000 TRAFFIC and Sony. Unlock any of this unit from the V or M serial. Note: the latest 2011 models do not require a radio key-code.
  • ford transit car


    Ford Transit van, usually requires a stereo code for the models newer than 2008. If you have installed a 1500 RDS, 6000 CD RDS E-O-N, 4000 RDS or 3000 TRAFFIC audio unit, then you have to remove the radio to see the serial number starting with M series. In case you have the latest 6000 CD model, the number can also be seen on the unit's display and is a V series.
  • ford mondeo car


    Some models come with radio and others with touch screen navigation. If it is a radio, usually fabricated by Visteon (6000 CD or Sony), decode it from the V series number. In case you have Sat Nav, it can be a Travelpilot FX or Travelpilot NX, manufactured by Blaupunkt. Decode both from the serial number engraved on the unit case.
  • ford ka car


    2006, 2007 and 2008 Ka comes with the audio system 6000AUX CD RDS E-O-N. You need to take out the unit to see the M serial required to unlock the radio code. Older models from 2005 usually come with the 5000 RDS E-O-N radio. The decode process is the same.
  • ford galaxy car


    The most frequent radio models found in Ford Galaxy cars are 6000 CD and SONY that has an M or V serial. You can also come with a touch screen navigation that has a BP or C7 serial number. In both cases, the stereo code is easy to get from the serial number.

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It is compatible with all Ford radio models, including those made by Sanyo in Australia, Asia and Africa. It is also compatible with Ecosport models from Latin America.

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