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For Kuga, Puma, S-Max, C-Max radio code or any other, use the generator on this page. It's the same process.

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All the info you need to decode your radio is serial number. If you need to locate it, see where to find the serial number

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Ford Radio Code 6000 CD · SONY · 4500 RDS · MORE £7.99
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Ford radio code V and M series, mostly found in Europe.

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Ford Navigation code BP and C7 series, compatible with any model.

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Eight or fourteen digits serial number. Mostly found in Australia.

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Frequent questions

The most common doubts based on what the people ask us by chat.

Although it is a frequently asked question, it is not possible to use a Ford stereo without the required code, and this code is the only way to make it work again.

For some units, such as the 6000 CD, the process to enter the code is like this: If the first digit of our Ford radio code is 3, for example, we press button 1 three times. If we had to enter a 0, for instance, we would have to press the button ten times. We do the same with the rest of the code using buttons 2, 3 and 4. To confirm your Ford stereo code, just press button 5.

Locked warns us that the audio unit is blocked due to too many failed attempts. Radios in Ford cars get stuck after ten unsuccessful attempts. In this case, we turn on the radio and keep button 6 pressed for ten seconds. With this, you have another three tries, which if you run out, your unit will be permanently locked with the LOCKED 13 message.

"Wait" appears on display after entering a wrong Ford code. To get rid of this status, you must leave the unit on for 30 minutes (in some cases 60 minutes). After that, you will see "Code" or "Enter code" again.

All Ford stereo units have their serial number engraved on the rear label, which is visible only when the radio is removed. However, if the stereo model is a 6000 CD, SONY or 4500 RDS E-O-N, the serial number can also be seen on the screen by pressing buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 (for the 4500 RDS model for example). See the exact steps here: How to find my serial number.

It is not possible to obtain the ford radio code from the VIN, reg or other number other than the serial number of the radio.

All stereo models manufactured for Ford Europe and Australia are compatible, such as 6000 CD, Sony, 4500 RDS E-O-N, 5000C, 3000, 4000, etc.

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We are a small team of web developers based in Bucharest. We have experience with radio unlock for years, especially in forums, such as DigitalKaos. However, it is now that we have taken this from a hobby to something serious. We can also offer Honda codes, check our site Honda radio codes. As a tip, you can still decode certain Ford codes for free at Ford radio codes free.

We are running on the company name Tommy Vercetti S.R.L, and we do not belong, represent or have any agreement with Ford registered trademark. The name, logo and other elements that may be found on this website are Ford's domain which we are only using for identification purposes.

ford focus radio code
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The serial number is a unique set of characters assigned to each radio. It is the only way to identify a radio unit and calculate it's code.

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The serial can be found on the case side label or in some cases, on the screen. To see the details, confirm if you have any of the models listed below or none.

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  1. Turn on the radio so that you can read "Code". If you read "Enter code" instead, see
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for three seconds. With this, your unit starts scrolling different info for thirty seconds.
  3. The serial number is the last one shown and has this format: V plus six digits. Example: V100221.
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To find the serial number of your Sony:

  1. Turn ON your radio
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for several seconds to enter in service mode, time in which different info displays for 30 seconds.
  3. The serial number is displayed next to last, with this format: SOCD1XBV123456
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Turn on your 4500 RDS unit and hold down buttons 2 and 6 until you see the serial number appear. Example: M123456

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The serial number of any Ford radio model can be found on the label attached to the radio box. To see this label, you must partially remove the radio.

How to remove:
All radios have four extraction holes at sides. These are designed for use with extraction keys that we can order on Amazon or eBay. However, we can also remove it using something like four nails or the wire of a crushed hanger. How to remove a radio without special tools

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Some 6000 CD units doesn't display the serial on the screen but all of them have their serial number written on the box label, which becomes visible when the radio is removed. To remove yours, you need the special removal keys, which you can find on Amazon or Ebay by searching for "6000 cd removal tools".

Once you have the keys, removing your stereo only takes a few seconds. How to extract 6000 cd radio

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  1. Turn on the radio so that you can read "Enter code"
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds
  3. The serial number appears on the screen like this: FDD2004V123456
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  1. Turn on the radio
  2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6
  3. Different information begins to appear. The serial number appears last in this format: V plus six digits. Example: V102021
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Some units display the serial differently. In the last ten seconds, identify and copy the sequence that comes after "SN" and starts like this: "FDMCA1EV1234". Besides, the two digits (i.e. "56") that are visible in the sequence next are also necessary. The full serial number would look like this: FDMCA1EV123456