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Get your radio code for free on this page. The only condition, unlike the paid service, is that you have to wait 24 hours before you can see the code. You can always make the payment of the small fee to receive the code instantly. Alternativaly you can use this generator for instant codes.

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How it works

It is possible to calculate the activation code of an original Ford radio, from the unique serial number that identifies the unit. If your car is newer than 2004, you can find the serial number on the radio display by pressing a combination of buttons (see more info below). Otherwise, the only way to find the series is to remove the radio. You will be able to see the serial on the case aside label. Find more info about how to get my code

6000 CD radio code

This model, mostly found on the Focus and Transit cars, has a safety system which is activated every time it runs out of electricity. The most common picture is the battery replacement. You can calculate the activation code using this generator and the serial number of the unit to unlock. You can locate this serial written on the back of the radio. For certain 6000 CD units, you can see the serial on-screen by holding buttons 1 and 6. See exact instructions. Once you have found the serial number that begins with the letter V, enter it in the generator on the top of the page and follow the few simple steps to get your activation code.

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ford 6000 cd 2008 or newer radio

6000 CD 2008+ code

Do you have a 6000 CD radio that asks you for the activation code? Don't worry. Recovering the code for this model is a breeze! All you need is the serial number that you can easily locate by holding down buttons 1 and 6 on your radio for three seconds. See details and exceptions here. Then, enter the V identifier of your radio in our generator and follow the simple steps. The calculation of the code is free but with a waiting time of 24 hours. You can pay for a small fee to receive it instantly.

Figo radio code

Unlock the anti-theft activation code for this radio model from the serial number stamped on the side of the box. To see that number, you have to remove the radio. Identify the serial number by searching for the following format *ABC123456*. This identifier always begins with three letters followed by six digits. Once located, enter the series in the generator to make the calculation.

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ford 4500 rds radio

4500 RDS E-O-N Code

The default unit in most Ford Fiesta cars, made after 2004, also has an anti-theft system that activates when the power is interrupted. However, you can calculate this code using the radio code generator on this page. All you need is the radio serial number that you can find by holding down buttons 2 and 6 for a few seconds. You will see a serial number M followed by six digits.

Any original Ford radio

Any original radio in a Ford car can be unlocked. Only the serial number is needed. For details on how to find this identifier see: Where do I find my serial number. With the serial number in hand, use the free code calculator at the top of the page.

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Radio codes app

If you have an auto workshop or you like to help others in different Internet communities, you can unlock all the codes you want using our app available for both Android and iOS.

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