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Ford Focus Radio Code - Free Stereo Code Generator

Get your original Ford Focus radio code by only providing the serial number. Fast and easy online process! Works with 6000 CD, Sony CD and more.

All the needed for the unlock is your Fiesta radio serial number. It can be retrieved from the radio screen or case label.

To find your radio serial you need to extract the radio using special extraction key tools like this: Extracting tools in Amazon.co.uk. Once you have extracted the radio, find your serial number on the case top side sticker. It every times comes with M + 6 digits format. Example: M209329

Instant 6000 CD radio code unlock

The process is similar on all 6000 CD models.

Ford Focus Stereo Codes Generator

It becomes a very frustrating experience when your Focus radio repentantly starts requesting the security code. This happens every time the power is interrupted on your car. For example, it is triggered when the car battery is disconnected or completely dies.

Nevertheless, retrieving your key code is very easy. All the needed is the serial number of the radio you want to unlock. It works for 6000 CD, Sony CD, 4000 RDS and more. Once located your serial, enter it on the unlock form and obtain your security code instantly and for free. All the radio codes generated on this web app are original and 100% working.

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ford focus radio code generator free

If your generated Focus radio code is not working, ensure you have entered a serial number copied directly from the radio screen or case label. In some rare cases, the code of the radio may have been changed by a previous car owner. In this case, only a radio specialist can deal with it.

If your Focus stereo is a 6000 CD and you see LOCK10 on the screen, this means you have entered 10 wrong codes. To reset it, ensure it is power OFF, press and hold the button 6 while powering it ON. This should give you another 3 attempts.

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Finding Ford Focus Serial Number

Locating your 7 chars V or M serial number of your Focus stereo is very easy. Depending on the model you own (6000 CD, Sony CD or other) there are two different way to do it.

6000 CD RDS EON (2003 - older)

6000 cd rds eon radio

To locate the serial on this radio model you need to extract it from the centre console. Unfortunately, it can be done only using some special extracting tools. You can get it for a few pounds here: Radio removal tools on Amazon.co.uk.

Once extracted the radio, locate the top or lateral side sticker with the device information. Identify your serial looking by M + 6 digits format. Example: M203009. Use this serial to get your Focus radio code.

6000 CD (2004 - 2007) C-MAX MK2

6000 cd 2004 on screen and label

This is one of the most common radio models on Focus MK1, MK2 and C-Max cars. To obtain its serial, there are two methods. One is easier but doesn't work for all the cases and the other requires the extraction of the radio.

For trying the first method, ensure your radio is power ON and then press and hold the preset buttons 1 and 6 for 5 seconds. Your 6000 CD unit enters in diagnosis mode for 30 seconds. In this time it displays different software data. You need to pay attention at the last 5 seconds when the serial is displayed with V + 6 digits format. Example: V203909.

Pay attention because sometimes the serial may have some random characters before it. Remember you only need your V + 6 digits to unlock your Ford Focus stereo code.

If your radio unit is not displayed on the screen, extract it from the centre console and locate the top side sticker. On it, you can see different radio information and the serial starting with V letter followed by 6 digits. Example:V120029.

Extracting a 2004 - 2006 6000 CD radio is very easy as long as you hold the special extraction tools. If you want to buy it (costs a few pounds), here is a link: Focus radio removal keys on Amazon. Buying special key tools is not extremely necessary because there is another method. This youtube video shows how to remove your 6000 CD radio using four knives: Removing radio without special tools.

Your V serial is all you need to retrieve your original key code. Enter it on the form above and get your security code instantly for free.

6000 CD (2008 - 2015) C-MAX MK2 MK2.5

6000 cd 2008 serial number

If you own this model you are lucky because it always shows the serial on the display so you can obtain it very easily. For it, power ON your radio and ensure you can read 'Code' or 'Enter Code' on the screen. Continuously, press and hold the buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. Your radio enters in service mode for 30 seconds. In the last 5 seconds of this time, your serial is shown with V + 6 digits format. Example: V303090.

This is all you need to get your Focus MK2 radio code. All you need is to enter it on the unlock form you can find above on the page.

Sony CD (2008 - 2016) C-MAX MK2 MK2.5

sony cd 2008 serial on screen

This model is very popular in Focus MK2 cars. Obtaining its serial number is very easy and no radio extraction is needed. To find the serial, power ON your radio and ensure you can read 'Enter Key Code'. Press and hold down the buttons 1 and 6 for a few seconds. This triggers the service mode which shows radio information for 30 seconds. The serial is displayed on the last 5 seconds with this format: SOCDX1V123456. In this case, your serial is only V123456.

A valid serial starts with V letter + 6 digits. To get your original Focus Sony radio code, enter your serial on the unlock form at the top of the page. Remember, we only provide 100% working radio codes.

How to enter the Focus radio code

If you own a 6000 CD radio, turn it ON, ensure you can read 'Code' or 'Enter Code' and:

Your Focus radio should start paying. Enjoy it!

If you own a Sony CD, use the preset buttons to enter the code and press OK or button 5 to submit it.

How to proceed if the radio reads LOCKED

LOCK10: means that the unit has been locked because you have entered wrongly the code for 10 times. To reset it, power it OFF, hold the button 6 and power it ON. Be careful because you only benefit from 3 more attempts.

LOCKED or LOCK13: This state appears when you have requested the additional 3 requests after LOCK10 and you failed to enter the correct code. Unfortunately, there is not a method to reset it again. The only that can deal with it is a radio specialist.

Why Radio Code Ford

We are the product of the necessity of so many people looking to make their life better with some music. The music should not be missing from our lives and for this reason, radiocodeford.com comes with this fast and simple solution. Unlocking your Focus radio code is easier than never. Forget about visiting the dealership paying up to 50 GBP for a service you can do by yourself.

Radio Code Ford Calculator only supply 100% original and confirmed working radio codes. We have unlocked more than 10.000 codes. Check what people say visiting out Trustpilot profile.

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