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Unlock any Ford stereo code in minutes. Free and instant Ford radio code generator.

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Transit radio models

6000 CD code

6000 CD code

4.8 (455)

Generate the code for your Ford 6000 CD radio. Easy and fast stereo unlock process. Genuine codes guarantised!

Unlock now Instant unlock
New 6000 CD code

New 6000 CD code

4.4 (151)

Unlock your 6000 CD 2008 - 2015 by the serial number found on screen. Easy and instant unlock!

Unlock now Instant unlock
6000 CD RDS EON code

6000 CD RDS EON code

4.3 (25)

Unlock your older 6000 CD RDS EON by serial number found on case label. See more info here.

Unlock now Instant unlock
4000 RDS code

4000 RDS code

5 (25)

Unlock your 4000 RDS code instantly by the serial number found on screen and case label.

Unlock now Instant unlock
Sony CD Code

Sony CD Code

4.6 (75)

Unlock your Sony CD code instantly by the serial number found on screen and case label.

Unlock now Instant unlock
Sony CD132 Code

Sony CD132 Code

4.8 (47)

Unlock your Sony CD132 code instantly by the serial number found on screen and case label.

Unlock now Instant unlock

Ford Transit radio code free

Transit radio code unlock

Instant Transit code unlock

Unlock the key code of your Ford Transit radio. This generator works for most models such as Connect, Van, Tipper, Luton, Bus and many others.

The only information needed to get your pin code is the radio serial number which identifies it. Get yours from the radio screen (6000 CD and Sony models) or from the case sticker (6000 CD RDS EON, 4000 RDS, 5000 RDS, 1500 RDS, Sony CD132, 3000 TRAFFIC, 6006 CDC, 4000 TRAFFIC stereo models).

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Oct 08 2019

thank you guys, got my code in 24 hours and it worked

Sep 19 2019

Worked for my connect 2007 radio. Excellent service

Sep 18 2019

Many thanks it really works. I was without music for months! Really appreciate

Sep 18 2019

I decided to try this service and for my surprise it worked! Very clean and smooth experience. Totally recommend it!

Sep 16 2019

To be honest I was skeptical but I placed a free order and 24 hours later... voila! The correct code was supplied by email. Excellent service!

Sep 16 2019

Excellent service! Really saved my day

Big astro
Sep 15 2019

Got the keycode for my transit tipper in 5 minutes. Very happy with the service

Sep 11 2019

Fantastic service ***** FIVE STARS

Sep 15 2019

the code generated worked very good on my radio thanks!

Apr 18 2019

the code for M016117 Ford radio worked and it is 2067. thanks

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How to get Ford Transit radio code

Ford Focus radio code free generator

All Ford Transit radio have a theft protection system which put the radio in locked status. In most cases, this system is a nuisance since it is activated every time the van's power supply is cut off.

Fortunately, if you wonder how to unlock your radio, you can generate the code for your Ford Transit online. All you need is the serial number of your auto radio.

Once you have it, you just have to enter it on our online generator and follow the simple reset process to get your 4 digit code. We guarantee that each code we provide works 100%. It works for all the models.

Works for Transit MK4, MK5, MK6 and MK7. Most requested: 2007, 2008, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2011, 2007, 2005, 2003.

Frequent questions

How to get my Ford Transit radio code for free?

To get your free security code, find and enter the serial number on the unlock box and select the free delivery option. After 24 hours you will receive an email with your code as promised.

How to enter my Transit radio code?

Ford most Transit stereos the entry process is very similar. To enter your 4-digit pin code, repeatedly press button 1 until you see the first digit on screen. To enter a 0, you need to go above the 9. Repeat the process with the remaining 3 digits by using the buttons 2, 3 and 4.

Now you have entered the code, press the button 5 to submit the code. If the code is correct the radio is unlocked instantly.

How to find serial number on screen?

There are only three autoradio models which can display the serial on the screen. 6000 CD newer than 2004, 4500 RDS EON and Sony 2004 or recent. In the case of Transit 4500 RDS, power ON your radio unit and press and hold 2 and 6 buttons for a few seconds. For the rest of the cases, power ON and press and hold 1 and 6 buttons. The serial appears after 20 seconds.

How much time takes to receive my autoradio code?

If you choose the paid method, then the code is sent instantly at your email and also shown on the page. In the free version, the reset code is sent after 24 hours.

Can I use my key code multiple times?

The codes we supply are genuine and extracted using your serial number. You can use it any time, it's your unique pin working for your radio.

Find your Ford Transit radio serial

6000 CD (2004 - 2008)

54 Plate 55 Plate 56 Plate 57 Plate

Turn your radio ON and press and hold 1 & 6 buttons.The unit shows different data for 30 seconds. Look at the last 10 seconds, your V serial number should appear with this format: V123456

In some cases, the serial number is not shown. Fortunately, the serial number is also found on the side label of the radio. You must remove the unit to see it.

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6000 CD (2008 - 2015)

58 Plate 59 Plate 60 Plate 61 Plate

Turn on the radio unit. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6. Wait 20 seconds before you can see your serial number. To identify it look through this format: V + 6 digits. Example: V023001

In some cases, the serial appears differently. If you cannot see it with the naked eye, look for this format: FDMCA1CV0227. The 2 missing digits appear on the next screen, example: 01. The, your serial would be V022701

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SONY CD (2004 - 2016)

54 Plate 11 Plate 12 Plate 63 Plate

You can get the serial from the screen only for models manufactured after 2008. If this is your case, turn on the radio and press and hold buttons 1 and 6. The serial number appears as follows: SOCD1X8V011398. In this chain, only V011398 is your series.

If you have an older model, you must remove the radio to see the serial. Find it on the case sticker.

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1500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 RDS, 6006 CDC

S Plate T Plate V Plate W Plate X Plate Y Plate

Older radio models have the serial number on the box label. You must remove the unit before you can see it. If you need the tools for extraction, see the Amazon link below.

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