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Audi TT car

You can unlock your Audi safe code online using the radio identification number. You can see this serial number starting with AUZ on the radio display (for navigation only) or the label attached to the unit box. This online calculator is compatible with all the original units newer than 1998.

TT A1 A2 A3 A4 A6 B5 A6 B7

Your safe code in a few steps

Activate your Audi radio in minutes in three simple steps.

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Find serial number

The serial number identifies your radio, and you need it for the unlock. See where to find it.

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Generate radio code

Use the calculator below to make the code calculation from your AUZ serial.

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Obtain code

See details and make the payment to receive your original 4-digit safe code.

audi concert radio

Audi Concert 1 & 2

TT 2000 TT 2001 A4 1998 A6 1999

Unlock the Chorus I unit code and its most recent model (2) from the 14-digit serial number that you can find engraved on the metal of the case or the label attached to it. You can easily recognize the serial number as it always starts with the letters AUZ. You usually need two extraction keys to remove the radio; however, you can also do it with a simple nail file, as you can see in this video.

Get safe code

Audi Symphony

A4 1999 A4 2000 A4 2001 A6 A3

This radio usually comes in the A4 and A6 models, but you can also find it in other models. It is possible to unlock the code for versions 1 and 2 from the identification number. To find this number, you must remove the unit to access the label attached to the side of the box. In this video, you can see how to remove your Symphony unit. If you already have such a label in view, look for the serial number near the barcode. This character string always begins with AUZ.

Calculate code
Audi Symphony radio
Audi Navi

Audi RNS-E Navi

A4 2005 A4 B6 A6 A3

Calculate the SAFE code for the RNS-E unit from the AUZ serial number. You can see this 14 character number at the bottom of the screen when it is on and asks for the code. You can also find this serial number on the side of the box, engraved on the metal or the label. Sample: AUZ1Z4K3900121

Calculate code

Audi Chorus

A3 A4 A3 8l

You can calculate the security code for the old Chorus model as for the number using the serial number. The manufacturer places this serial number on a label attached to the box. You can see how to get the unit out in this YouTube video. It would help if you had universal extraction leads like these: keys on Amazon for this process. Find the keys searching for "Audi radio extraction keys" outside the UK.

Lookup code
Audi Chorus radio
Different Audi radio

Different model

A6 1999 A6 2000 A4 1998

Above, you can find the most frequent audio systems in Audi cars. However, there are some more that we have not listed. Regardless of the model or the year, all original Audi radios are marked with a unique serial code which you need to find to calculate the safe code. To see this number, take the audio unit out of the console's centre and look at the labels on the sides or top—Example serial: AUZ2Z7B8371102. If you already have the identifier, enter it in the generator at the top of the page and hit the "Calculate" button.

Reset code

Audi radio code input

Can't you enter the safe code of your audio system? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn your Audi radio switch on.
  2. It is usual for "SAFE" to appear, but if it doesn't disappear after a few seconds, keep pressing the "RDS" and "SCAN" buttons until you see "1000". If the screen says "SAFE 2", you should leave the radio on for an hour.
  3. Press the button equivalent to 1 repeatedly until you enter the first code digit.
  4. Repeatedly press the button equivalent to 2 to enter the second digit.
  5. Do the same with the buttons equivalent to 3 and 4.
  6. Confirm the code by holding down the "RDS" and "SCAN" buttons.
  7. The button "RDS" is "RBDS" for the Symphony model.

Audi radio code input

Frequent questions

The most common doubts based on what the people ask us by chat.

A sticker in the trunk contains VIN, car model, and other details; However, it doesn't contain radio info, such as serial number or code.

If your radio asks you for the security code, the only way to use it again is by entering the original code.


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I bought a tt 2002 which came with locked radio. The seller did not know the code either but he lowered the price a bit thinking that I had to go to a dealer. Searched on google and found this site which did the job perfectly! Really recommended!

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The serial number identifies your radio, and you can use it to do the code calculation.

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The serial number appears at the bottom of the screen for the Navi units. For other models, find this number on the label attached to the side of the box, which you can see when you take out the radio. This number starts every time with AUZ letters; for Example, AUZ1Z2A3990001.