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How to get Sony CD code

Retrieving your Ford Sony CD radio code is very simple and only takes a few minutes. For this, all you need is the serial number of your audio unit. Obtain the serial number from the radio screen by pressing buttons 1 and 6 (see details on the page).

Once you have located your serial number, enter it in the unlocking form of this page to obtain your code. Get Sony CD132 code

Unlock code by serial number

Sony CD code unlock

Instant Sony CD code unlock

Retrieve your Sony CD radio code by providing your unit serial number. All the codes generated on this page are original and works at 100%. Locate your serial number on the radio screen (see the video on the section above).

It works for all Ford models, as well as Fiesta, Focus, Transit and many more. Examples of a valid serial:


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Apr 09 2019

Is working..thanks ford dealer ask my 65£ and one day in garage to fix the problems

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wow, this really works :D

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Nice work good

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Thank you! I finally got the key code. Looking for it since 1 month.

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What is a Ford Sony CD code

what is Ford Sony code

A Sony CD radio code is a 4-digit number needed to reactivate an audio unit blocked by the anti-theft system that activates whenever the power flow is interrupted. This easily happens when you disconnect the battery fuse to change it for example. This is a great inconvenience for the owners, but, fortunately, recovering a Ford Sony code is very easy and takes a few moments.

All you need to provide to recover your code is the serial number of your audio unit and your correct one. We take care of everything else!

Ford Sony CD free generator

Ford Sony code free generator

On our website, you can obtain your Sony CD code completely free of charge. You can also pay for your code to get it instantly. We accept secure payments through Paypal. We offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Get in touch with us for anything you need. We are connected every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

All the codes supplied by this generator are 100% original. The feedback of our customers indicates a high satisfaction rate. If you want to know more, see our Trustpilot profile.

Finding Sony CD serial number

ford 6000 cd v series

Print serial on screen

Turn on your Sony CD audio unit and make sure you can read 'Enter Keycode'. Keep pressing buttons 1 and 6 until you see any changes on the screen. Your radio enters service mode for 30 seconds while different information is displayed. Pay attention to the last 5 seconds, your serial number displays with the next format: SOCDX1V000293.

You must remove SOCDX1 and keep your serial number V123456. Take note, the serial number always starts with the letter V followed by 6 digits.

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ford 6000 cd v series

Locate serial on case label

Another way to find your Sony CD serial number is on the box label. In order to find it, you have to remove the radio from the centre console. Once outside, locate your serial number by looking in the following format: V123456

Frequent questions

How to enter Sony cd code

Use the preset buttons to enter the 4 digits of your code. Press the central knob to submit it. The radio should start playing.