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Ford 6000 CD Radio Code Online Unlock Service Free

Get back your Ford 6000 CD code in two simple steps. No payment or account creation needed!

All the Ford 6000 CD radio units incorporate a unique security code that is requested if the battery is disconnected for any reason or the unit is removed from the vehicle. In order to retrieve the code, you can visit your local dealer or you can do it by yourself finding the unit serial number.

To find your radio serial you need to extract the radio using special extraction key tools like this: Extracting tools in Amazon.co.uk. Once you have extracted the radio, find your serial number on the case top side sticker. It every times comes with M + 6 digits format. Example: M209329

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Instant 6000 CD radio code unlock

The process is similar on all 6000 CD models.

Through this website you are able to unlock any Ford 6000CD radio code by simply entering the unit serial number. The code is searched in our database and displayed on the page instantly. There is no need to create an account or download any software. It works for all the 6000CD models, including 6000CD RDS EON. All the keycodes provided are original and 100% working.

ford 6000 cd radio codes

How to find your 6000 CD serial number

There are two ways to retrieve your unit serial number. Depending if your radio is newer or older, you may use both or only one of the next methods:

Retrieve serial from the device display

To start, power ON your device and ensure the radio is requesting the code showing 'CODE ----' or 'CODE 0000'. Press and hold the preset buttons 1 and 6 for few seconds (in some cases, it works with 2 and 6 buttons). Your radio will enter in diagnostic mode and different data will be shown. Pay attention and identify the serial looking for V123456 o M123456 format.

ford 6000cd radio serial on screen mk1 ford 6000cd radio serial on screen mk2

Find serial on the device case

Remove your 6000 CD unit from the dashboard and locate the info sticker placed in one of the case sides. There you will see your serial with this format: V123456 or M123456.

If your radio is older than 2004, you may need special extraction keys. You can get these on Amazon for a few pounds (if you live in the UK). If you hold a 6000 CD RDS EON, you can get your keys here: 6000 CD RDS EON removal key tools or 6000 CD removal key tools for the newer version.

ford 6000cd v series sticker ford 6000cd m series sticker

How to enter Ford 6000 CD radio code

Once you have retrieved the keycode, only remains to enter and submit it on the radio. It is an easy process but you need to pay attention to do it correctly.

Press button 1 repeatedly until the first digit of your code is shown on the screen. Press preset buttons 2, 3 and 4 in the same way for remaining three digits. To submit 6000 CD code, press button 5 or OK, if it doesn't work. The radio should start playing instantly.

My radio unit is locked

If your 6000 CD radio is showing LOCK10 that means that 10 wrong codes have been submitted. Fortunately, there is a way to reset it. Power your unit OFF and press and hold button 6 while powering it ON. You should now be able to enter again the code. Be aware, you will only have another 3 attempts.

Ford 6000 CD radio locked

If your radio says LOCK13, you need to visit your dealer or a specialist to unlock it.

My code is not working

If you have used this website to retrieve your code and it is not working for your radio, ensure you have followed the entering instructions correctly but be aware because your unit will get locked after more than 10 failed attempts. You also need to verify if you have entered correctly the serial. If it still doesn't work, it's probably because of a precedent owner may have changed the code. In this case, you need to visit a specialist.

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