Ford 6000 CD RDS E-O-N Code Generator

Unlock the code for your original radio 6000 CD RDS E-O-N from the case serial number.

Please enter your radio serial number of the radio you want to unlock.
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How to find the serial number

Remove your 6000 CD RDS unit using the extraction tools, or if you don't want to spend money and time, two screwdrivers like shown in the video below.

Once removed, locate the M serial number in the case side and top label. It starts with M letter followed by six digits. It is all you need to retrieve your code.

Get radio extraction tools in United States of America
Remove using two screwdrivers Youtube
remove 4000 rds radio 5000 RDS serial label

How to enter your code

  1. Turn the radio switch to ON so you can read CODE.
  2. Repeatedly press button 1 to enter the first digit of the code.
  3. Repeatedly press button 2 for the second digit.
  4. Repeatedly press button 3 for the third digit.
  5. Repeatedly press button 4 for the fourth digit.
  6. Submit the code with button 5.
enter 5000 rds eon code

6000 RDS E-O-N online code calculation

ford 6000 cd rds eon radio

It is common to have a second-hand car that sooner or later when disconnecting the battery, asks for the radio code 6000 CD RDS E-O-N. If you do not have the card with the stereo keycode, you can not listen to music or the FM radio as you did before. Fortunately retrieving the code today is much easier than you think. Through our service, you can unlock the original code from the serial number of the audio unit. It is all you need.

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